How to add create a custom activity which is depended on console application file (.Net, DLLs)

I have developed a (.net) dll file which has to be used as a custom activity. This DLL internally calls a function which is present in console application (.net via Visual Studio). The console application has an internal dependency on another file. I was able to create the custom activity via the standard procedure (NuGet, .Net SDK), however, when I run it via UiPath it asks for a bunch of missing DLLs.

So, I tried adding all the reqd. library files while creating the custom activity, but while using and running the custom activity it is showing the exception stating that Bad image format Exception, and asking for missing dependencies.

I added the missing dependencies, re-packaged it and ran it again, only for it to quote different dependencies missing this time.

Please let me know how to get about this.