How to add column to a csv file?

I have a CSV file that opens in excel. It has 5 columns, but i want to another column after the 5th one.

How is this achieved?

Hi @happygal321,

Have you tried updating your csv directly?

You can modify your csv file like any other file. Just use the same format/delimiter used to separate other columns and you should be good to go.


Hi happygal!

I think you can follow the following steps:
–> Use the read CSV activity and save it to a datatable variable
–> Now use the ADD DATA COLUMN activity to add a new column to the datatable
→ Perform the operations you want and save this new csv

I hope it helps!


i tried this, but it didnt work. could you show an example?

Hi @happygal321,

Please refer below link for solution on this:

Also you can check this documentation link from uipath, it also has sample project for same:


@gabrielribas4 method works for you @happygal321
check this workflow (4.2 MB)

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