How to add Collection of Datarow in excel to clipboard

Hi, i have to add a collection of datarow to clipboard. Does anyknow know how to do it?

Using a for each row loop, i am able to add the row to the collection.
I have 5 column of data.
Account CompanyName Debit Credit AccountID
1 Name 2 1 1234
1 Name 2 1 1234
1 Name 2 1 1234
1 Name 2 1 1234
1 Name 2 1 1234

The above data is for illustration purpose only.

is there anyway i can do a control c on the whole set of data and paste it into an internal webpage for accounting purpose?

you can use Set to clipboard (row.item(“colname”)) and then while pasting you can use get from clipboard.


Thanks for reply, i added the row of data to a datatable then use write line to write it to an empty excel
then use hotkey control a + control c to copy the text.

whats your issue now.?

no more issues, manage to find a workaround. :smiley: thanks for helping

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