How to add border-radius attribute style in html when sending it as email body


I have an image in the email body and i am trying to add styles around it like background-color, border everything is working fine except border-radius. i want round border on the corners something like this and that doesn’t work can someone help me with this.

(TD BGCOLOR="#FFD700" STYLE=“border-radius: 25px; border:1px solid #000000; padding: 15px 30px;”)


Have you written HTML code for generating template?
If you want to send email body with pre-defined message along with dynamic values as place-holders,keep a separate html code in a file.

Yes i have a HTML template and trying to send it as email body. Oy my research it says border-radius in not supported by outlook if you are on windows OS. I am able to achieve it for gmail,yahoo mailing systems