How to add an element to queue in UiPath studio?

While exploring UiPath Studio, I tried to add an element to queue. But while executing, it was showing up some error like this: ‘Queues service url is not defined. Make sure the robot is connected to UiPath server’.

I searched for a solution and I found that I had to uncomment a few lines in UiRobot.exe config file(I have pasted those lines below). Does anyone know how to resolve this issue ? Appreciate your responses. Thank you :slight_smile:

UiRobot.exe uncommented lines:

Hi @Gouthami

If you are using the latest stable version of uipath studio then you will find that Add Queue activity will come under Orchestrator category.

So question will arise for you, what is orchestrator.
To know please visit this link

If you don’t have installed or purchased the Orchestrator server then for demo purpose you can use this link.

Here you will find a login. So become a tenent to browse the server functionalities.
After login you will find the queue option on left sidebar panel. There you can create your queue name.
But to add items in your queue collection first you have to provison your robot on the server.

How to provison your robot and publishe your project in orchestrator server follow this link.

If any issues you will face then let me know :wink:


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Hi :slight_smile: Thanks for your response. But still I’m stuck over here. I can’t find this UIRobot Available tab anywhere in the demo site. I just published the workflow and a successful dialog box got popped up. After that when I opened UIRobot, I’m not able to find it.


Uirobot available ? i am not getting. is it you wants to see robots listing there? if it is so check in robots tab.

and if you wants to see which robot is online(i am assuming here that you have provision your robot successfully) then you will be able to see it in a Execute->Jobs Tab.

and select a process to start(process which you have published) then it will show the robot available with their status like online or offline). then select your robot from there and you will be able to run it from their.

If you are facing any kind if problem then make sure you have follow these steps already.(check it out this link)

after successfully provisioned robot. you will will be able to run your queue add element process from orchestrator and for this make sure pass the queue name(added in queue tab in orchestrator) in your published workflow Add Queue Item activity.


All, the access to is restricted for about a month now.
You can get a tenant but only via sales channel - enterprise designated contact persons.