How to Add a variable to json config

as you are sill looking for some help:

unfortunately not. The input / rule / expected out pattern would help for a more clear requirement description. Thanks

Ok let me explain it then
the above is my json string then i am deserlizing the above json into a json config(String,object) i am doing this becuase it is stored in my config json u can say my config json string is as above
now i need to get the value of updatebody key and replace the values $strname$,$age$ and remove .
So that my final output should look as below

i want to include the json string which looks as below
“{“statecode”:$statecode$,“cr056_accountnumber”:”$accountnumber$",“cr056_country”:"$country$",“cr056_lockbox”:"$lockbox$",“cr056_bankname”:"$bankname$",“cr056_accountholder”:"$holdername$",“cr056_erp”:"$erp$",“cr056_currentstatus”:$currentstatus$,“cr056_bu”:"$bu$",“cr056_lob”:"$lob$",“cr056_brand”:"$brand$",“cr056_paymentmethod”:$paymentmethod$,“cr056_currency”:"$currency$",“cr056_amount”:$amount$,“cr056_paymentdate”:"$paymentdate$", “cr056_bankreference”:"$movementid$",“cr056_customername”:"$customername$",“cr056_region”:"$region$",“ownerid@odata.bind”:"/systemusers($owneruserid$)",“cr056_CollectorLookup@odata.bind”:"/systemusers($collectoruserid$)"}"

into a exsting config json string which already has some keys and values into it.

as mentioned by Arpan the placeholder JSON is invalid


dont mix up json and string templates

can you share code xml please for better understanding