How to add a variable invoke workflow

How to add variables via a config file in invoke workflow. I attached my bot.

For the value to be pulled from the Config file directly, enter a Name for your variable in the Name column of the Config file, and the value in the Value column. This should be placed in the Constants or Settings tabs. To access a string “Hello” stored in variable name “Greeting” in the REFramework, you would use Config("Hello").ToString.

You can follow these steps to add a variable invoke workflow

  1. You added the entries in the *.config file
  2. When you run the RE framework or how it interprets is it reads the config file when it runs and creates a Dictionary (Key-Value) variable that is already defined in the framework.
  3. The variable is available globally throughout the process as *.config in Main and in Config in all the sub processes.
  4. So when you want to use the value of key System1URL all you need to do is write a expression in_Config(“System1URL”).toString and it will give you the value.
  5. In the framework you actually create variables for these values in the invoke workflows lie in_system1url and you assign the above expression to it.
  6. Then inside in an open browser, you use in_system1url and it has done.

I hope it works!

Thank You!!