How to add a "total value" to Queue item in process transaction state

I am looking for the answer for " if working in RE framework, I got the transaction from the queue in “get transaction state” and in process transaction state I got the value of “total invoice value”… i want the new value added to the same transaction and then only “Set transaction status” activity should run to set the status to can we add value to queue transaction item at ryuntime.

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For your case , you can do like this

While setting your transactional status using Set Transaction Status activity, there is an option called Collection to pass output data to the queue item using that u can total invoice value data as below


Inisde the output you can add like this

After running I will get output in queue as

You can see in highlighted section the output data under which u can see the total invoice value

I had put the value of total invoice value as 30

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As @NIVED_NAMBIAR said, you can add any infromation to the output filed of the transaction item.

Also, If your process divided on Dispatcher and Performer (or at least one robot have both sequences to upload data to queue and process this queue), you can add any information to the queue item as specific content in Add Queue Item activity.

Thanks for the reply…this really help… i have not tried yet but try and post

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