How to add a description or a precondition to an activity

I am working on the Framework lessons, and one of the tasks is to add a description and a precondition to a toip-level activity.

Unfortunately, how this can be done is not mentioned anywhere, not in the beginner lessons, and Google cannot find it either.

One would expect a rightclick on the activity, or some fields in the properties, but there’s nothning there either. I have seen the annotation, but that’s something else.

right click on the top most container and click on ADD ANNOTATIONS
–once after adding the annotations click on the pin button here

here its move for example, similarly we can do tha in the top of the container

that would add as description you expect

Cheers @svdwal


Hi @svdwal,
You need to right click on activity and chose “Add annotation” option. And that’s it. Now you just need to write manually description and precondition :wink:

Hi @svdwal, Please follow the below steps:

  1. Right click on activity
  2. Chose “Add annotation” option
  3. Write description manually

Thanks all, but as I said, annotations differ from Descriptions and Preconditions. I can image for instance that the system checks the Preconditions. This will not happen if it is a bit of text in an annotation.

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well we can mention them with proper text alignment in the annotation itself buddy
usually this is how its done even in the REFramework and large scale deployment
Hope that would work for sure

Cheers @svdwal

Let me quote from the lessons walkthrough

The UiDemo_Login.xaml file should start with a description. We can also use an
annotation in the very first activity, whether it’s a sequence or a flowchart, to mention the
function of each component and the use of the arguments. We typically add a
Precondition too, in case a particular screen needs to be active beforehand, for instance.

The “we can also use an annotation” bit makes me think that a Description is not the same thing as an Annotation. The “we typically add a Precondition” bit reinforces that idea.But I am not a native English speaker so I could be wrong here.

Anyway, having a description and a precondition text in an annotation is not a bad idea, but if it is only a text in an annotation I would expect to see something like

By convention, we use Annotations to describe the activity and document its preconditions and post conditions, if any. Right-click on the top activity and choose “Add annotation”. Now…

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yah of course, this depicts the annotations as description
while this

seems like some activities to be included along the sequence that ensures pre requisites (pre conditions) which are required before getting started with the current process in the container…Though we can describe that as a annotations, we need to have certains activities to perform them as well
I hope thats what they mean

Anyway, we need a annotation to describe what a process or sequence does
Cheers @svdwal