How to add a cron expression to run a bot daily but on four diffrent times of a day

Im learning uipath and orchestrator and came accros this issue

On a daily basis, I would like to run a bot at four different times such as 6:00am, 11:00am, 2:00pm, and 11:00pm

I created four different triggers for the same process and they all work perfectly

However, after some time, I came across this cron expression that can be passed in advance

Currently, I don’t know how to implement cron expressions, but I want to implement this as soon as possible after which I will learn how to do it

Use the below expression to run the process every day at 4 specified period of time

0 0 6,11,14,23 ? * * *

Hi @sagar.raval

You can try with the below link for CRON


Go to → trigger → Click Plus → Select Advance → 0 0 6,11,14,23 ? * * *




tysm for this , helped me a lot

hey thanks for the answer , actually i created this expression * 0 6,12,18,23 ? * * *

and tried to add in the advance but got this error “The cron expression is not allowed, as it would run more often than once per minute. (#1609)”

Hi @sagar.raval

Try like this 0 0 6,11,14,23 ? * * *


thanks man its working now

Hey actually I have a doubt about the triggers, let’s say 0 0 6,12,18,23 ? * * * in the same cron expression? In this case, if the machine shuts down at 6 am which means that we missed one trigger, what will happen when the system is started? Will the trigger initiate the pending process after the system has been started?

The job run will be faulted as Robot machine disconnected from Orchestrator. @sagar.raval , It will not been in the pending status.

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