How to add a " ' " at the start of each field of a column?


I have a datable which contains “=” and I wanted to add at the start of each field of the specific column a → ’ how can i do it?

Hi @sarra.meziane

you need to loop the columns and rows and then replace the = with ’
How to loop? Watch this video: UiPath | Loop through Rows and Columns in Excel | Loop Excel/DataTable rows and columns in UiPath - YouTube

How to replace? → row(“ColumnName”).ToString.Replace("=","’")

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Do you want “=” to be replaced by ’ or just to add ’ at the beginning?

If it is the second one, you can done this by creating a VBA and indicating that specific column, or inside a for each with assign activity row(ColumnName)= “’”+row(ColumnName).ToString

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Thanks @Dawodm , I want to add " ’ " at the beginning

Yes I want just to add ’ at the beginning.

Then you can use for each with an assign activity described above.