How to add 3 columns value in excel at the same time while we use 'GetText/FullText/OCR/Native' for getting values

Hi All,

My scenario is that i need to get click ‘Generate’ button for 10 times then fetch the Name,Phone,Email details from the website for 10 different clients and paste into Excel. As of now i can able to get ‘Name’ value , paste into excel but Phone, Email value i don’t know how to paste in excel at the same time.

[Note : Email value - I can’t able to get from the site i tried everything in screen scraping but values are always empty]

Below highlighted values i need to get it from the site.
PFA… Main.xaml (36.4 KB)

Hi @maxxmuthu,

Refer the below workflow, which extracts Name, phone and email address and adds to the build datatable and then writes to the excel

Main (21).xaml (33.0 KB)

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Thanks a lot !!! it works great :slightly_smiling_face:

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