How to add 14 business day for a column in a data table if you have vale in other column as "1/1/1009"

if my BI Report.xlsx (1.6 MB) “Estimated ship Date” column has “1/1/1009” then i should add 14 business days (Excluding Sunday and Saturday ) to “Order Date” and update this vale in “Estimated ship Date” column eg: if Order Date=3/05/2021 you should add 14 business days (Excluding Sunday and Saturday ) which is 20/05/2021


I did not get much from your explanation, but providing solution on that.
Read excel and it will generate datatable
use for each row to iterate datatable
use if activity inside for each row
if row(“Estimated Ship Date”).tostring.contains(“1/1”) {
// fetch 14 businees days

Please refer the below link and you might find a solution


If i’m not wrong your question has 2 parts

  1. to check working days
  2. to write in a cell that is already having a value

for 1st go through the link below to understand working days calculation

for 2nd question you can simple use write cell activity to overwrite the existing value - you can increment the cell value at each iteration

hope this is helpful

The notion of business day is quite tricky, as there also national and regional Holidays to be tracked, and considered as non working days, and also depends on the business partner national specific, maybe multiple calendars need to be considered


Please find the below attached xaml file for your reference. Try this and let me know if it meet’s your expectation.

AddBusinessDays.xaml (12.7 KB)

Feel free to reach us at any time if you have doubts. Thanks.

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what is the check for “1/1/1900” date and nothing is updating in Estimate shipment delay column
my requirement is
1.For unformulated date like (1/1/1900) in ESD column need to update with the logic of [ESD=Order Date+14 days working days which is excluding sun and sat no need to worry abt national/international holidays ]

2.For Rest of date extract data by the filter logic as [ 2day before and 2day after current date excluding sun and sat if it in this interval]

eg - the date current date is 5/5/2021 i want all records from 3/5/2021 and 7/5/2021 but if my current date is 7/5/2021 my interval should be as 5/5/2021 to 11/5/2021 bcz 8 and 9th are weekend