How to activate UiPath 2018.4.3 Enterprise edition trial version from UiPath 2018.4.3 Community edition?

Hi friends, I’m using UiPath 2018.4.3 version (Community edition) Now I would like to use enterprise edition (trial version)for testing our application. Can you please suggest me on how to activate enterprise edition trial version from community edition?


No option to update community to enterprise. You need to install the enterprise version installer.

oh ok, is it possible to download 2018.4.3 enterprise edition friend?

Enterprise edition trial is by request and will give you the latest release for that version. There is no explicit download available for all version of enterprise edition.

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Thank you @Emman_Pelayo. I will request the same to UiPath team to provide me the latest enterprise edition.

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No need to request uipath team if you want latest version of Enterprise Edition.

Just go to this link: and login with any of the available options if you have account else create new account. Once logged into it then go to Resource Center page and download Uipath Enterprise Edition.

Hi @lakshman , May I know will I able to get the 2018.4.3 version license key along with that?Because I’m using local Orchestrator server not cloud Orchestrator server.May I know if I am able to get the license key for enterprise 2018.4.3 version?


If you want to older versions then you have to contact Uipath support team only.

yeah ok.Thank you @lakshman

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