How to activate the 'Setup' tab in Studios community edition

Please can someone help me on the below query.

How to activate the ‘Setup’ tab in the ribbon in Studios community edition. At this moment I could see only the below tabs.

  1. Start
  2. Design
  3. Execute


I guess you are using new version UIpath. In this version, there is no Setup tab.

What option are you looking for ?

Hi buddy @datta.shirsand

SETUP options got depricated ( removed from the ribbon) from 2018 version of studio onwards…so we wont be able to find that in our studio…to get to know the options in setup that were there previously is now placed some in design menu and some in got removed permanently

Still we can get all the needed options from the above three mentioned tabs itself buddy

Cheers @datta.shirsand

@Palaniyappan @Lakshman
Thank you so much for your inputs. Yes I could see the ‘Publish’ option in the ‘Design’ tab it self. Any idea about the other 2 options ‘Setup Extensions’ & ‘Reset settings’ those where there in the ‘Setup’ tab.


its there in start menu buddy @datta.shirsand

Cheers @datta.shirsand

Got it. Thank you so much for your support

Cheers @datta.shirsand

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