How to activate community edition when firewall is On



I have downloaded UiPath Community edition. But I couldn’t activate it since my company has a firewall in between we can’t disable firewall. Request you to let us know any other means of activating UiPath community edition.



Use Dongle and activate, you may not be able to activate manually for community version, or else let’s wait for others suggestions


Even with Dongle I am not able to activate. My lapatop has some firewall which works even I am not on my company network. Please let us know if there any workarounds for activation.


Hi @harshap,

You need to use Trial version if it is for POC/Pilot as community edition is for non- commercial purpose and any use of it for commercial reason will be a breach of code of conduct.



Thank you Vikas.

This is for non-commercial use to learn Ui Path development only.



Hi @harshap,

Actually I am also facing same issue. I am working on uipath practice project to learn it and using company’s laptop.
did you get any solution for the same, please let me know If you resolved this issue.

Sweety Jain


@sweetyjain, still not resolved this issue. Looking for solutions.


hi @harshap,

No solution if you are working in organization environment , finally I installed it in other system and it is working fine.


Hi @harshap @sweetyjain,

We cannot by-pass the firewall as it will be against the compliance for respective company. I can only suggest you to take a permission from the IT team or install on your personal machine.