How to achieve Selecting dynamically a row in an application using uipath

This is the Oracle Application:

My bot creates each line and adds.

Now certain lines need some editing as per a condition. So i need to select the line.

Challenge is, each line added does not get auto selected.
So editing is happening only in the 1st line which is not correct.

Solution is , after adding each line, it should do a scroll (pg dn) and select the line.
So that when editing condition met, i have the line already selected. thus edit happens to the required line.

How do i make my bot do that after adding each line it should scroll down and select the recent/latest added line?

It always selects the first line.

Can you click on "2"and show us the selector?


Selectors foe line 1, 2, 3, 4

But selector string?

for lines 1 to 6

I tried pasting the text but it shows blank…


any pointers to this?

Try using counter.ToString :slight_smile: