How to acheive this task.Download excel and email to someone

Download a Excel From some location (say Google)
Modify the Excel sheet automatically
Email the modified excel sheet to someone.

Can some one help me with step by step procedure pls?

Hi @mano,

Download the excel by using clicks and hot keys then save it at one location. Use the “excel Application scope” and do the needed modifications then use "Send outlook mail message " to send it to the recipient . Use the “Attach files” option in “Send outlook mail message” to attach it.

Please get back to us if anything fishy :slight_smile:


Thank you @Rahul

Can we download the excel from google with web recording?


@mano, We can but make sure you modified the selectors.


Can you kindly create a sample workflow ?

Can you give an example how I would use an excel data feeder file with multiple columns - one column containing the file name and another column containing the email address. Both are set up as variables and assigned to the column names. Need to go through many rows and email a designated user group with the corresponding file.

I used the same feeder file to run reports in SAP and download to Excel. Now I just need to finish by emailing the formatted reports. Thanks.

Bro if u don’t mind can u upload the snapshot of downloading google excel sheet by using the same method u mentioned .