How to acess Excel Data, manipulate and build other table programatically

Hi Team,

I need some help with the below case. Request any guidance on the same. Any sample document or flow also will be of great help.

  1. Access an excel table with 4 rows and 2 columns.
  2. Access each row and manipulate the data (like example concatenate two columns)
  3. Store the same in a new table (built programatically) for each row.
  4. Once all the four rows are accessed and stored in the new table, access the new table data one by one and send it as Email.

I am very new to UiPath programming and requesting help on the same.


Use ‘open Excel application scope’ > read range > and store as a datatable. use 'For each row" on that datatable. if you want column 1 use ‘row.item(0).toString’ and column 2 use 'row.item(1).toString

Hi, Thanks for the response.

Opened Excel application Scope > Read range. Started with For each row.

But how can I concatenate the column of the first table and store it in a new table first row. I am more concerned about syntax and functions.