How to access the offcial and connet packages?

as the IT security, the studio can not access to the offcial and connect packages.
what can be set to access these two resources?

Hi @fightblue

If you can’t access the packages then you download it to the local and using manage packages install it manually… thanks

I know this method,but it is still not convenient to do this. because the .nuget format file will be blocked through the email which is the only way to transfer the package.

ensure following:

in case of .nuget format file is blocked give a try to rename temporarly the extension to zip and transfer it by email.

rename the extension has been proved failure. it is very strict IT security

if the IT security is turned to so strict way (what is also reasonable ) then a discussion with IT Team would be the best way for sorting it out. If an environment is too much limited the work for development is too much blocked.

Another way is to check if with RDC or Teamviewer the files can be interchanged.