How to access the data retrieved from getRecord activity in UiPath.OracleNetSuite.Activities.GetRecord

Hi Team,

I’m using UiPath.OracleNetSuite.Activities.GetRecord activity to get employee data from NetSuite. I’m passing InternalID as input. I’m Storing the result in a Employee variable of type Record. Can someone help me on how to access the retrieved data from NetSuite in uipath.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi - the easiest way to do this is using a cast using CType. Try the following:

In the Get Record activity, create and assign a variable for the Record output parameter.

Put an Assign Activity on the canvas immediately afterwards and then use a Ctype assignment, e.g.

To: myCase
Value: CType(RecordOutput,

This will cast it to the correct record type and you can get its properties, e.g.

String.Format("My case number is {0}, myCase.caseNumber)

This works when I try it. I’ll also update the docs as well to better explain this.