How to access Orchestrator?

I want to make some changes in the orchestrator.
In an old project credentials are read from the Orchestrator and its still working.
In the Invoice , UiPath Studio Development License,UiPath Unattended Robot License and UiPath Orchestrator Server License are mentioned.
But I am not able to find the orchestrator application.
I got one tenant details and orchestrator password from some document.
Is there a way I can find out where the Orchestrator is installed and or is it a web based orchestrator and how to access it?

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Orchestrator is usually a web based application
do we know the URL of the orchestrator
if we know that we could access it

My Uipath studio is of Enterprise version so I am assuming Orchestrator is installed on my machine as an application(we may run it as an administrator) and not accessed through browser.Please correct me.

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Usually orchestrator can be installed in three ways
—through a Windows installer
— through an installation script for Azure
—through the UiPath Platform installer

They are like executable files similar to an application but can be accessed through a network via Browser
You will be given the instructions to install it along with the artifacts provided by the support team along with the .exe file or .msi file

But orchestrator can be accessed only with a browser

Cheers @Iqr

Ok, I am trying to install a connector in the document it states that open orchestrator as an administrator. How will we do that on a browser?

Also If we access Orchestrator through the browser then is there a way I can find out what is my URL for orchestrator?