How to access list of files present on SharePoint Pages


Can anyone help me to figure out a solution in accessing the files listed on SharePoint pages.
I tried with “Find Files and Folders” activity present in Microsoft Office 365 Scope by passing all the inputs. I am unable to retrieve the correct list/files present on the page, rather it gives me the output as Page name (Openstaande-calculaties.aspx).

In my scenario the Sharepoint url is something like this sort.
Due to confidentialy, cannot share the correct URL.

Any pointers in this scenario is much appreciated.
Thank you!

Are you looking at a list or library? Or better yet, what’s your expected output? A datatable with rows, or downloading actual files (like .docx or .xlsx) from a library?

Hi @NervYerem ,

I am not sure whether its a list or a library.
I am supposed to download the files, which matches with some text present on this page. Indeed, they contain '.pdf files, need to use those PDF’s as input for further processing on SAP system.

I tried using the Drive Name as “Pages”, it just gives me the Page name rather than the content of that page.
Could you please suggest.

*Unable to upload any pictures, I think there is a restriction from my organization.