How to access job running in another machine in UiPath code?


I have following requirement to implement in UiPath studio.
Job A is running in Machine A. Within Job A UiPath code, I need to check whether Job B is running in Machine B or not, if not need to start Job B from within Job A UiPath code. Please help me to achieve this task?


Don’t you have Orchestrator? It does this for you automatically if you configure your Triggers correctly.

Hi, Thanks for the response. We have orchestrator. Could you please provide high level steps/options to do this? When I start Job A then it should check for the status of Job B which is there in different machine and start it if it’s not running.

In the Trigger that starts the Job you just designate the two Robots you want it to run on and tell it run a maximum of 2 Jobs. If it isn’t already running on either, it’ll start both. If it is running on one but not the other, it’ll start the other.

Hi, I can select only one process name while creating trigger. My requirement is to start process 2 while starting process 1 if it is not running?