How to access individual row and column values in Smartsheet and how to update the values in Smartsheet?

Hey guys, I am trying to access individual values present in Smartsheet cells. I have installed the Smartsheet package, but I’m not sure how to access a particular row value under a column. In excel this would be easy, as you could get the row or column object, pass the rowindex and access the value using specified content. Is there a way to do the same in smartsheet? After we access a cell value, I would like to update the cell value as well. Can this be achieved?

And are there any resources showing the implementation of Smartsheet activities, that would be helpful thanks!

Hi @Amaan47 ,
Have you gne through the below doc?

UiPath Activities

About the Smartsheet Activities Package - Classic

Overview Smartsheet provides a cloud-based platform for work execution that enables teams and organizations to plan, capture, manage, automate, and report on work at scale. It provides various services such as Streamline Facilities Management,…

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Shubham Dutta

Hey Shubham,I have gone through this. I was hoping there would be an activity that would simply retrieve specific column values. Is there a way to retrieve row id based on a condition?

I built an activity that retrieves the rowID based on the value in the Primary Column.

Then I built an activity that returns the columnID of a column, but I have to specify which column number it is. The weakness here being that if the columns are reordered, it could throw off my activity.

The column ID is rowrows(0).Cells(in_intcolumntosearch).ColumnId.ToString

So to update a specific cell, I use my activities to retrieve the Sheet ID, the Row ID, and the Column ID, and I feed those results into an activity to update the row.