How to access folder in Remote desktop?


I need to connect to remote desktop get number of files present in folder.
Please can anyone provide me solution…

Thanks in advance…


could you elaborate the automation process that can help me to support

Hi @dineshbabu8k,

use (send hot key Windows+R )
(click start menu type cmd and press enter)
type your folder location and enter
and below the window having total number of count there you can get it.

Else use Citrix Recording to get the value


In remote desktop machine i need to get total number of files that are available in folder.
ex: path --> F:\B2S\FOLDER(In remote desktop)
my question is how to access folder in remote desktop?? I had given variable “Path” as string and default value as F:\B2S\FOLDER.
But uipath shows error as could find the path.

Can you please help me??


Use Citrix Recording

I am using Critix recording only.
If any one provide xaml it will me helpful.

In order to access folder, connect to your remote desktop, open Windows File Explorer. You can do this by right-clicking your Start menu button and clicking File Explorer. In File Explorer, you should see your shared drives listed under the Redirected drives and folders section.