How to access DB to compare the results that are stored in DB and not displayed on GUI

Hi Friends…
In my application (for which I am building automation scripts) I compare the actual results (displayed on the screen) with the expected results and pass or fail the VP.
At one stage, application stores the results directly in DB. The same are not displayed anywhere on GUI. Can anyone let me know how to access the DB and compare the expected results with the actual results that got stored in DB. Please also provide pre-requisites if any.

Hi @kaustubh.gangan !
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I suggest you to (1) connect directly to the DB through UiPath Studio, (2) query your DB tables through UiPath Studio, (3) compare the result of th query with what you have on GUI.

For more information about UiPath.Database.activities, here is the official documentation on it.
When you go through the documentation, there are properties that lets you know what are the prerequisite input data:

(1) To connect your DB with UiPath Studio, first use this package:

(2) to query your database, it will depend on your knowledge and on the db. Here is a tutorial that helps pretty well on each step (from connect to different types of queries)

Let us know if you have more questions !