How to access a cell

Hello. I check if a particular cell in the excel file is filled with the specific value “hello”
How it check?
I read this cell and wrote it in the variable.
Further in IF what to write?
Or is it possible without Read Cell?

I guess you are looking to

  1. read a cell in an excel
  2. store it in a variable
  3. Use an IF condition to validate it.

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Vikas Reddy

I don’t found

please look into below links:
Read cell & store it in a variable: Excel - Read Cell - Variable Type
IF condition: If Condition on data entry

can you be more explicit explaining what do you need?


  • Read range and store your excel into data table
  • Use For each row till data table
  • Add if condition row(“Column Name”).ToString=“text to be search”


CellValue is the Output of Read Cell.


you need to check if a rows as “hello” in it??

Can I directly access the cell number in If? e.g. AD3

In ReadCell Activity - replace “A1” with the your Cell Number.

In result Field - Presss Ctrl+K and Name the Variable as CellValue - This will create a generic variable for us.

I mean without Read Cell. Use only IF

check the solution from this post buddy

Then You can make use of uiAutomation.

  1. Take and TypeInto Activity and Indicate the SearchBar

  2. Type AD3 and Enter.

  3. Pass Hotkey : Ctrl+ C

  4. Get the Value in Clipboard,


How check fill cell or empty?

String.IsNullOrEmpty(CellValue.ToString) or String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(CellValue.ToString)

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Thanks a lot

But I have this error

VisualBasicValue: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Where Extactly is the Error .

NullReferenceException indicates that you are trying to access member fields, or function types, on an object reference that points to null. That means the reference to an Object which is not initialized.

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