How Throwing an exception works in REframework

Using Reframe work - I have 3 sites to download files, if one download fails capture the message and proceed with another download from other site.

my understanding is if one download fails if we use throw exception, BOT will end process and it will not go to next site to download ? please correct me if I am wrong ?

But scenario is to proceed with the other site for download - in that case I can only log a message would work which allow me to process the next download workflow ?

Hi @monishanair2010,

If you add an item to the queue for each site. In other words, if there are 3 sites for each work, add 3 transaction items to the queue. This makes it easier to report all exceptions.


I am not using queue in this process, here I download files from multiple sites in init state and adding those file’s as list of strings (I changed transaction data to list ) and processing each transaction file downloaded- in process state because each file need to be consolidate into one file.
So in init state if the download fails I still need to proceed to next flow , in that case I can use only Log message ? or any other options?

You shouldn’t go to init at all, if you go to init the datarow should return for each site. If you start an item with 3 sites, you have to figure everything out in the process and log out. However, if you divide these 3 sites into items, you can return errors by marking them as BE.

In this setup, make sure that the process visits 3 sites, respectively. Catch the errors on the sites with try, write them to your home log temp, then let them pass to the next site.

This is a topic for discussion a little bit :slight_smile: I hope it helps. Good work.

so here you want to download three files so please assume like each downloading file as transaction item use switch case in process state for each download files

@monishanair2010 Does it shows any error while it fails to download the file ??

Thank you, as suggested process all sites in process state makes easier to capture exceptions.

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