How this query is getting the data? Linq is used in this

Hello All,

I have one .Program

In this i am unable to get the following code how its working …

Can any one please help me with this???


Are you getting any error?

It looks you are looping a datatable, but the sheetNames may be a excel sheet name collection.
The datatable row for the column MODE should match some excel sheet name, then that sheet name will be assigned to the SheetName variable.


No i dint get ur point…

i am having the folowing code. this code is simple… Only the linq query is bothring
it gets 4 sheets. - it goes to the List variable.

it has Abby DT

then it is looping through the code

I am looping through the list

Hi @Seem

are you able to print the sheet name based on linq because it is valid

Ashwin S

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Hi @AshwinS2

yes it is working… its correct code…
I am not able to get how this code is working . So i posted it over here…

Can you please help me with this…
i have added only those sequenes related
i did single step too… could not gert it

and finally
i got it :slight_smile:

i see that going to 1st row in the Mode column where ever the AIR is there its taking…
thats what the contains means… Its so simple…
i actually changed string n tried it…
"Laptop AIR jkdjgoirejgokrepogkrepogktrpgmlkfpokgpor "

Its a simple string option…

ONE more thing is - from the List in SheetNames - at zero th postion its having AIR.
So if this is there, then it takes.

Suppose if u make it contains(1) – the 2nd value of the SheetNames - List

uff this Linq Query - i am new to this Linq…


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