How the orchestrator triggers work?

We have a robot that takes ~ 3 min per normal treatment (no exceptions) and relies on a trigger in the orchestrator every 5 minutes. The treatment is to read the first unread message from mail and make some Excel to Word work, then send back a Word generated document to the sender. Sometimes the robot can have more than 1 message to deal with and it can take more than 5 minutes.

I thought that when the orchestrator makes a trigger call to the robot while it is still in treatment it ignores or shifts the call.However, it seems that it still makes the call and goes up a trigger error as follows:

It seems that if I force the launch to avoid waiting when there’s an active trigger that makes a call a few minutes after it impacts the normal operation of the robot and it does a bit of a mess (it can’t find files while it’s working on them, random errors, we don’t know…). I restarted by having desactivated the trigger and everything works again ok.

Can someone enlighten me on how the triggers work on a robot that is already busy, and are there any settings to make/modify to avoid that? Because, let’s say we increase the call cycle, it will only make a bigger accumulation of mail to process, and so the problem remains the same.

Thanks a lot.