How should i connect 2 workflows?


how should I establish connections between 2 workflows . First I have to run sap login after that I have to run sap process . These 2 are have to run in the browser .

Hi @shankar.arekonda.external

  1. Go to Project panel

  1. Drag and drop the sap login and after that sap process

  1. Run the process before running check all the parameter are assigned correctly.



i have connected like this . in this i have to first run the sap login . after completion of login . i have to click on reporting option . it will redirect to another page . i have to run sequence .

Hey @shankar.arekonda.external

I guess you are asking how to continue the process in the same browser.

If that is the case, just take the session output from browser scope activity from login ans use that in the next workflow browser scope which will be the best way.

Else you can even directly use the selector approach.

Hope this helps.


HI @shankar.arekonda.external

As @Nithinkrishna approach you can try with it. In the SAP Process flow you can use Brow activity.