How should i approach 4th Question?

i know how to create folder and all,
But what my sir asked is he dont want give 10 create file activities and create 10 files with ten different dates.
he want me to create 10 different files with dates respective from( today to 10 days further) automatically rather than using 10 create file activities.

i dont even have a clue to approach this thing.


I created small work flow with while loop & counter and also have used create folder , create file activity to achieve that. have a look and see it suits your requirement.

We have to use the below expression to create files with different dates.


if you need valid PDF docs you have to create word docs first and then you can export to PDF. if you want this scenario you can modified the code accordingly. thanks. (2.4 KB)

Thankyou it works.

your welcome.

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