How setup the reframe work for PDF process

Hy team

i m planning to use Reframework in for a pdf process
all the pdf a downloaded in a separate folder i want to run transaction one by one for single pdf
for that how i need to change the arguments and var

Thank you

What do you want to do with those pdf files?

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yes if i can get 1 pdf by pdf to process state thats great.

If you want to use queues, upload the pdf file names to queue. You can get the pdf file name from the get transaction data state of REframework. This name can be passed to process transaction data to do the actual process. Init Settings to initialize or open applications and End process to close applications.

hi @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu instead of queue i want to use Directory.getfile code in get transaction block and loop it one by one

  1. Change the transaction item data type to string.
  2. In the init all settings, Create a string array(say array1). Assign array1 = Directory.getFiles(“FolderPathWhereYouHavePdfFiles”,"*.pdf").
    Also create a counter and initiate value to 0.
  3. In the get transaction data,
    if counter < array1.length, then
    Store array1[counter] in transaction item and increment counter value by 1
    transaction item = nothing
  4. Now this transaction item can be used in process transaction state to work with that pdf file(present in transaction item)
  5. Close applications in the end process.
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hy @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu if we create array1 variable in “Framework\InitAllApplications.xaml”

how it going to use it

‘array1’ and ‘counter’ is a Argument or an array
can you create a template

Do no create array1 inside any workflow. Create it in main workflow and pass as an argument to all sub workflows.

Counter is an Int32.

I’ll share template when the time permits.

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Hi Fernando,

Here’s the template project. Refer this. (1011.4 KB)

I’ve incremented counter in set transaction status workflow, instead of get transaction data state. I found that this counter variable is similar to transaction number variable. You can use transaction number variable, if you wish.

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thank you @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu

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