How set focus activity works

I am trying to use set focus activity to focus on postman.exe window but it shows error and not focusing on desired window because of that next processes aren’t working.

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Hi @Brian_Patel

H@ve you tried using uiexplorer to check the selector


@shwin S

Let me try…


Hi there @Brian_Patel

Let me answer your topic question first.

Have you ever tried clicking on a uielement and then pressing ‘TAB’ until it arrived at a desired button or a input text-box? Have you seen dotted squares that move around in your desktop when you click on an icon and then use arrow keys? Well that dotted line is saying that your focus is on that icon for now which is bound to change later following myraid user actions.


Answering your second question, any focus/bringing a window to the front can be done using the ‘show window’ activity by using a window output variable from the ‘attach window’ activity. Also, if your actions are simulations then activate element can also help you achieve your objective is what I surmise :slight_smile:

PS : On the off chance your selectors were not working, then it is better to check the run time window title and whether it is changing. If it is the case then better to use window variables throughout your process which will have session handles in it rather than relying on titles or something that isn’t generic.


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