How Selector for QAD are different from other UI Applications?

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Recently we got opportunity to automate QAD Application. But while working with QAD we are not able to extract selectors. When I try to select anything, the entire QAD window is highlighted but it can’t recognize any of the individual elements within the application either.

I don’t know why selector for QAD are different from other UI Applications?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Can you please try cv scope activities or try to F3 or F4 changes will effect for select region for indicate on screen.

Omkar P

@bdubey Mostly you might not be able to find the selectors for QAD applications. Although the QAD’s follow a certain set of execution rules to do what you want using Hot Keys. Hence, using Hot keys in your Automation would be another way to achieve this kind of automation scenario.