How Select File inside Application


Im using csv to ofx application.
this application convert .csv files to .ofx format

it has 4 steps to convert .csv to ofx (Please see sreenshot below)
my Problem is, how to get all those .csv files one by one when looping
i think Directory.Getfiles wont work for me.

anyone know about this,



Why it won’t work for you ?

Hi @Aupe

What’s the error you get when using Dirctory.GetFiles?

Since you have multiple files with different names, I guess a solution like this will suit you better…

DynamicFileName.xaml (7.7 KB)

Let know whether this works for you

i think because it is inside in the application.

i used Recording(Desktop) method .

hi @Lahiru.Fernando

i dont want to open a file,
I just want to select file then click Open & Convert

@Aupe If the name of the file is same as in screenshot with some sequence, use below approach

  1. Find the TEXT ( use concat and increment options to frame the next file name_
    for eg, use a counter i=1
    assign , filename = filenameformat_i
    click filename
    increment counter, i=i+1

so when it goes to loop, the filename will become filename_2

Try if this helps.


within the loop,

  1. attach the window using Attach Window
  2. click on convert
  3. select the file using the selected file of the loop convert

will this work for you? (31.8 KB)

hi @Aupe,

if me i will simply do this following steps:

  1. keep use the Directory.Getfiles,
  2. looping to get the full path (with this you get the full path of each excel file 1by1 from each loop.
    1 loop = 1 full path)
  3. you already get the String of full path from step 2, then you should simply:
  • click activity to browse button
  • type into activity to File name input box. (type into with String variable from the loop in step 2 that contains full path in each loop.
  • then click activity to open button

The steps will be loop(repeat) 1 by 1 based on how many excel file in your folder.



You got me this time.

excellent Idea it fits again.

Thank you

no problem :wink:

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hi @wija

Please help i have additional problem with this.

Automation is Run Perfectly
but i noticed i have 1 situation makes my automation error.
when robot Select Large file size in Excel then Click Open,
Converter Loading Because it has excel lines of 10k inside.

how Can i teach robot to wait to finish first Converter Loading then Proceed to the next step of the Automation.


simply by playing the delay time in the property panel.

you choose which activity you want to give additional delay time.

delay time is in milli seconds.

any ,

Method instead of Delay ?

i can’t think of other idea beside the delay time

i think put the additional delay time in click activity ‘browse’ button. like 2000 milli seconds.

because the system will back to click browse again after click open when uploading large excel data. so before clicking browse again you put the delay to give the system time to load the large excel

Thankyou got this.

Hmm for delay Im using a while with some try and catch in. I don’t know if it’s better tho

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