How RPA can send responses back to the chatbot

I have seen the demo of integrating Druid with UI path. I am trying to integrate using RASA chatbot . I am able to start the Job using Orchestrator Rest API. Now i want to know how can i get back the response to the chatbot.

Hi @hemsush

Could you tell us a bit more about your use case? It seems like the robot you launch with an API call should take care of the response, no?

What exactly is the response you would like to send?

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I am trying to make a rest call from Spring java application. I used orchestrator API to trigger RPA that will fetch some details from a web site. I need to pass that text as a response to that call. Is there anyway to get that text as response in the same api call .

You could technically use the UiPath.Web activity package and its HTTP Request activity to post something back to your service. Would this work for you?
It would definitely not be immediate, but could work, I guess?

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Hi @hemsush - The response of Post API call (to run the job) can not have the text you extracted from website but alternative I can think of are :

  1. Store the extracted text in out arguement of the project. You can refer to link About Input and Output Arguments to get more insight about out arguments.
  2. Trigger the job using Orchestrator API. The response of this API has an ID.
  3. After the job gets finished, call get job by ID API. The response will have out argument. You can get the value from here.


  1. Store the extracted result in a queue or in a file.
  • The queue can be access using Orchestrator API.
  • You can write Java code to read the file content.

In both the cases, you have to clear the data. File can be deleted immediately after reading the content but for queues, you have to run a maintenance job (in sql) to clear the data at some regular interval.

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Thanks. As of now I created rest end point to post the response to MySQL table and after sometime reading from the database. For the approach 1, I need to call Job API? So after I triggered Robot via orchestrator API, I need to wait and then call Job API? If not completed ,again I need to call . I couldn’t understand the 2nd approach.can you please explain which queue I need to push the response

@hemsush - For approach 1, your understanding is correct.
Approach 2: Is almost similar to what you have implemented but the diff is in your case, you need to have SQL database to store the results. Instead, you can store the results in a file or in Orchestrator queues (preferred). Orchestrator queues can be accesses using Orch API.

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Thanks. For community edition,is there any rest API through which we can start robots

Hi @hemsush

Yes, there is! See here:

And also our docs here:

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To Do video Comming soon

After integration dialog flow chat bot with UiPath, response generating. But in the ui-path suggestion chips not working…Please help me on this.


@ hemsush

Please find the video.

Link - UiPath Orchestrator API Using Orchestrator HTTP Request Activity | Part 6 | Run the Job from Studio - YouTube

Maybe it’s too late but you can have a look.