How read particular rows of excel files

Hello All,

I want to read few specific rows of excel and paste the same rows into Different excel. Can anyonone provide me logical solution for it.

Hi @Ripusudan_Sharma can u explain ur sceanrio well

What u mean by specific rows?

Specfic rows means , consider i want want to read entire data from row 3 to row 12.

@Ripusudan_Sharma - Are you trying to move specific column from one excel to other? If yes, you can use the below:

YourDT.DefaultView.ToTable(false,YourDT.Columns(“YourColumnName”).ColumnName) → Assign this to Datatable variable. Then use the datatable variable to write to excel sheet.

Hi @Ripusudan_Sharma then put ur read range cell accordingly

Like if you want read from A3 put read cell range as “A3” or

If you want to read lets say from A3 to B5 put read range cell range as “A3:B5”

So accordingly put the read range cell accordinlgy in read range activity

Hope you got it

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Hi Mate,

Use Read Rows Activity and give the range which u want to Read for eg A2-C5.

And Write it in other excel file.

No , I want to move specfic rows from one excel to other,

Yes, but consider if no of column are unknown, then how to read data of entire rows

Sorry i missunderstood, U means u don’t know number of columns.Right?

yes, but if no of column are unkown,then how can I provide range eg A2-C5, if last column is not known


See this it will help u,

In that case ,you can assign value datatable.column.count
then based on count you can easily handle/use read range activity.