How read multiple excel files using directory

how to read multiple excel data using directory
for an example 3 different excel files are there I want to read the data from all 3 excel file how to read the data at a time
how can we do that

Hi @Chethan_P

Use Directory.getFiles to get all file name into a array variable and then use for each activity to iterate through array.



OK i will read the data from all three excel but how to use the data in smtp
for an example i want to take email from the data-table how to use that data

Can you share the excel?

two excel file are there in folder i want read two excel file SalaryDetails.xlsx (8.7 KB) SalaryDetails121.xlsx (9.0 KB)

these are sample data but hear I want to read the email id and send email to that email id

User for each row activity to iterate through each row of excel.

To read email id use row.Item(ColumnName or column index).toString** inside foreach row

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