How Print @ in email's body (Selectors)

Hi, I need print Character @ in outlook and Word, i take email of Excel File but need put in the email’s body and uipath not print. Any solution please ??

Main.xaml (8.8 KB)

Share my Workflow, is basic and show my problem (you need open New Email in Outlook). I used Selectors for send email (Restriction of my client).

@juanvillalba92, I think you must be really close. I ran your workflow and got this result:


If you aren’t getting an arroba in either Outlook or Word, I suspect a locale problem, such as maybe your UiPath is in English and your Word and Outlook are set to Spanish. I’m guessing here (since it works for me) but maybe try Alt+64 (or maybe AltGr) on yours) to enter the @ instead of using the arroba on your keyboard. That should set it to @ as long as you’re using codepage 437, maybe elsewhere too. You could try it in your Word and Outlook first.

See this page:
Código ASCIII - arroba

Your selectors look fine to me and it worked on my system with no changes required.