How pdf and database can be compared or check/ cross match

Hi, I want to check pdf letters and compare different fields of it with the data in database. How can it be done? There are too many fields such as Name, Phone Number, Address, etc. also there are multiple pages in a pdf.

Hi @Sheraz_Ali1

Read the pdf text using Read PDF Text activity.
Use regex patterns to extract the required field information.
Save the data in a data table and compare it with the sorce of truth.

Thank you for your response. I’m using “Read Specific Page” activity to read every single page of pdf but it shows an error .What to do now. I’m new here. Thank you for help.

use this activity


I want to read page one by one by incrementing the page because there is similar data on each page which I have to cross match with database

it is not advised to read each page separately.
Rather, read all the pages, store in a string variable, and use the string manipulation techniques to separate the each page data.

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But if you want to read each separately then, there is range property in Read PDF Text Activity.
You can pass variable inside it and use the for loop.

@Sheraz_Ali1 - You can try like this…

Define the Index variable in For each (Note : Index starts from 0)

Then use the index in “Read PDF Text” activity…

please take this look at this post and download the xaml attached for your reference…here I have looped through pages and deleteed a page where text found…

Hope this helps…


Thank you dear

Thank you It’s work

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