How often does the certification update with the rest of the UiPath ecosystem?

I wonder how often the UiPath certification exams get updated, given that UiPath has been evolving fast and furious. At this point, the exam description is still at UiPath 19.x. How can one prepare backwards? I do understand UiPath 19 and 20 still share a lot of common ground, however, a lot have and will continue to change? How should a student reconcile?

The documentation is available for older versions too… If you prepare using latest CE version, you will be able to pretty much resolve anything that an older version brings… but you can always use newest version of studio and in package manager, install older version of activities.

Thank you. Though the question remains, how often does the certification exam get updated to reflect the development of the overall UiPath ecosystem.

It would annoying that instead of learning the newer better version of UiPath, we have to remember how it was in an older version in an older time for the certification’s sake.

I dont know the exact answer, but since UiPath only gets 2 version per year, the Certification do not get old… I would say it would get updated at least once a year.

thank you. Yeah, studio evolves, orchestrator revamps. The orchestrator being taught in the academy is already different from what i was using two months ago. Then a month ago, the orchestrator got revamped with an utterly new interface and organizational scheme.

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