How much items can we get using get queue item activity?


Am new to Forum can you please guide me to post any queries regarding uipath on the forum.
Please help me with steps to post any queries

Welcome back to the forums.

I’ve separated your post from the previous thread because they are not related and It is not clear what you are asking for… Please provide sufficient details (MCVE) on your inquiry and I’m sure someone can assist.

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Hi @Prem_Rao

Refer the thread below !


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Thanks for responding.
What am loking for is if i have any query regarding uipath concepts i want to post on forum for that am not able see option to write my query.
regarding that can you please guide to steps to post my query.
Thank you sir.

Please refer the links provided in the replies above. They’ll guide you on how to use the forums and how it is structured and to to provide the most information for other to assist in the queries you have.

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Thank you.

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