How much i have to pay for UIPath Studio Licence?

can anyone tell how much it cost for UIPath studio Licence. How to get it.

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Antony Joseph

The Community License is free, but the Enterprise one will cost more. For an individual user, the Enterprise License is expensive, but not for a business. I don’t have the exact figures, but I can say this: You’re given the ability to do the work that it would require at least a minimum wage employee to do. It’s cheaper than the salary of that minimum wage employee.

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If you want to use it to learn, then you can go for Community version of UiPath studio.
But if you are talking about buying an enterprise license for your customer or to your company, the enterprise version is categorized as different product families namely, Core Product, Non Production and Cloud orchestrated. These family are sub categorized as Concurrent, Node Locked and Named User license products.
The license that you need to buy are purely dependent on business requirement. Hence, its better you directly consult UiPath product support team in this regards.


Thank you for your reply

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Thank you for your reply.

Hello Anthony have u tried the following link : Contact Sales - RPA Business Process Strategy | UiPath ?

Because as the other have said if you want to learn or try it it’s free :slight_smile:



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