How much C# do I need to know for UiPath?

FYI, I have academic background in Java back in University a decade ago.

Just found out about RPA lately and plan to dive deep into it.

I heard we need to know C# in order to perform advance stuff in UiPath? If yes, how much C# do I need to know? Basic Syntax & OOP? WinForm, WPF?
Please advise.


Hi @shettigarroshni432

You don’t need to know C# for this… We use Vb.Net for building automation solutions using UiPath. is very much similar to C# except in several scenarios. However, still you don’t need to be very fluent in either language to do the automation…

Just go through the syntax & OOP and basic programming knowledge would be enough…

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@shettigarroshni432 If you know basics of any programming language like c or c++ , it is fine to understand the Concepts of C# as well. Even if you know Java , c# will be easy to learn, It is just the Syntax that differs :sweat_smile: