How may robots will be handled by one RPA developer in real-time environment ? And what is BOT and process?

Can anyone please help me, I wanted to know the real-time situations like how many robots and/or systems will be assigned to one RPA developer? what is BOT ? Can we assign any number of bots to one robot? Can we assign same bot to multiple robots? what are the uses of having standard/floating robots ?

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BOT is actually a short term called for a robot, even to be better a software that executes the process developed in a studio
— where uipath studio is a application where we develop the workflow, or a flow of process to be automated. And when we want to execute that process we need to press F5 or execute button In The studio which will call the robot -the BOT to execute the process
So this is what is called a BOT

Actually the question should be framed like any number of robots to a single machine…
Here machine is termed as our system
Usually when studio is installed robot will also get installed
So when we are trying to execute the process developed in the studio with F5 robot will be called and it will execute the process
But if we want to execute them periodically or many other process to be executed in the same machine (same system) then we need a web application named orchestrator where we can schedule and monitor the robot getting executed and this web application is opened and configured with a help of browser either IE or Chrome
So here each process developed, each robot from our machine or from other machine can be configured
So each machine (each system) can have only one robot and each robot can run any number of process not at a time but In sequence

The above question answers this

From orchestrator as said before we can run the process by choosing the robot where we want to execute
And at some stage we may not know which robot at which machine (which system) to run and which one is available, so in that case floating robot can be called because when we are trying to run the process, the associated robot to that process will execute in any machine template available at that moment or if it’s a standard robot it will run only in a standard machine created in the orchestrator
For more info on their differences
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