How manyy robots can we connect in community edition?

How many robots can we connect in community edition and can how many robots can be executed from a single machine.

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Fine we got these many numbers in community edition

Only one robot can can be connected one machine at a time

Cheers @monish06

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Dear Palaniyappan,

I have some unclear points on Bots Availability In Community Pro Edition. I am using Pro-community edition and below are my unclear points.

1.) When I connected to Orchestrator I can create a Unattended Bot[Refer Image 01] but when I convert it in to attended Bot it gives below[Refer Image 02] .
2.) Why it is happening[Why come as “Unlicensed” and does it effect to process] and how many numbers of bots will facilitate in Community Pro Edition under each category.
3. And when it comes to run the automation under 2.) point condition it has not taken the Robot and can not run the automation but works fine with under 1.) point condition.[Image 03]


Image 02

Image 03

And beauty here is it shows below in my Orchestrator Dashboard.

Highly appreciate our comment/answer on the same.


Dear PaIani,

I got the point and I connect it to UiPath assistant and it worked fine. :slight_smile: But my still problem is why it dos not show the robot in Image 03 above. Thank you.