How many types of robots are there in UiPath?

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As above topic I would like to know how many types of robots are there in UIPath, and how does the licensing work for each robot?

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Refer below link


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Thanks for the link, but how about licensing?

I dont really understand on the licensing… Is it 1 studio license is to 1 robot? or 1 studio license i can run multiple robots?

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Please find the below thread for better understanding:

If you want to know about licensing cost and all then please contact UIPath support team. They will give you more details.

Thanks for the information.

However I am still not very clear on the licensing.

Correct me if I am wrong on my understanding of UIPath license

Total numbers of license in UIPath:

  1. Named user
  2. Concurrent user
  3. Concurrent Runtime
  4. Attended
  5. Development
  6. Unattended or Production

Hi anybody can help?