How many machines do we need to deploy, say 15 Back office robots?

One thing I am unable to understand is, how many physical machines will we need to deploy say 15 Back office robots, all working on a same task.
Lets assume 3 robots should dispatch the Work items to orchestrator queue and the rest of them process the items in the queue.

Obviously, it is not efficient to allocate 15 computers for this purpose.
So what happens in such cases in real-time implementations? Can experienced people throw some light?


Have you not got the option to use virtual machines? This would make alot more sense than having 15 physical machines!


How does that work?
Is it like running several bots from several accounts each, in a single server machine?
Can you please elaborate?

Correct - virtual machines all sit on one physical piece of hardware but treated as completely separate machines. Something like VMWare if using on premise, or Azure/AWS if deploying into the cloud.

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So we create multiple virtual machines on the same local server machine, and install a UiRobot.exe on each of them and deploy them altogether. Is that what you say?

Use one physical hardware.
Install any VMware on it and allocate 15 machines.
Now make sure all these machine are on the same network.
Install Robot on the 15VM’s connect them to orchestrator.
Run the process.

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